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    Glow & Tone 2 - Your Complete New Year Better You Hamper.!!

    Your happiness, right here! Its the New Year Better You Hamper, to help you get started on your journey towards beautiful glowing skin & a healthy toned body! A combination of YourHappy Collagen (Fizz) and our newly launched YourHappy Weight (Gummies), to get you going from good to GREAT! Future science supplements that work for you, by YourHappyLife.

    YourHappy Collagen (Fizz): YourHappy Collagen (Fizz) is specifically designed as the Collagen Boosting Solution for a younger audience (20 - 25 yrs), with a formulation that meets their unique needs. Redefined! Collagen for great skin has been proven over and over again. It's time to make it consistent with YourHappy Collagen Fizz.

    YourHappy Weight (Gummies): German formulated future science supplement by YourHappyLife for Complete Weight Management Gummies - YourHappy Weight combines essential bioactives, antioxidants, phyto & micro-nutrients designed to help you lose weight, burn fat, curb hunger pangs, boost healthy metabolic rate, improve overall gut health, eliminate bloating & stubborn fat.