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Article: Why We Need Collagen Every Day in Today's Fast-Paced World

Why We Need Collagen Every Day in Today's Fast-Paced World

Why We Need Collagen Every Day in Today's Fast-Paced World

The popularity of collagen has recently increased. Collagen is the latest fad since it appears in everything from powders to chocolate bars to lattes. But does collagen help the body, or is it just a component that sounds too good to be true?

Bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments rely on collagen, a protein in the body composed of glycine and proline amino acids. Unfortunately, the quantity and quality of collagen your body produce decrease with age. We live in a fast-paced world, so let's dive into the reasons why collagen is so important to take in on a daily basis. Read on.

Need for Collagen on a Daily Basis

Collagen, a protein found in animal skin, cartilage, and bone, is present in the connective tissue of several animal meals, including chicken skin, bone broth, bone-in meat, and gelatin. One alternative is to take collagen supplements.

An expert claims that collagen, like all proteins, must be digested before it can be absorbed. Therefore, increased collagen consumption does not immediately stimulate natural collagen production; instead, it provides the body with the raw materials it needs to produce collagen on its own.

Supplemental collagen has already been hydrolyzed. Therefore it is expected to be absorbed more efficiently than collagen in food.

The following potential consequences are listed below. Remember that many of these claims concerning the benefits of collagen supplements are not proven by the latest information and that more research is needed.

  • Improved Skin Health

According to one study, collagen may be the secret to staying young forever. Skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density were all considerably improved following 12 weeks of treatment with 2.5 milligrams of collagen per day in combination with acerola fruit extract, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and a vitamin E complex compared to placebo.

A different study indicated that after eight weeks of collagen supplementation, women's skin was noticeably less dry and more elastic.

  • Prevent Bone Loss

Age-related bone loss is a significant health concern because of the increased risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Taking collagen supplements may improve bone mineral density. Thus, eating foods rich in this protein may aid in bone health maintenance.

A study showed that postmenopausal women who took a collagen supplement had considerably higher bone mineral density than the control group.

  • Enhanced Levels Of Lean Muscular Mass

Combining weightlifting with collagen supplements may be more successful than using each strategy separately. For example, in one study, participants who combined resistance training with the consumption of collagen peptides saw greater fat-free mass, body mass, and muscle strength than those who did resistance training alone.

  • Improved Nail Durability 

There is limited proof that collagen supplements improve rough, ragged, and peeling nails, although some people have found that.

In a small trial study, participants who took 2.5 grams of collagen peptides daily for 24 weeks saw a 12 percent increase in the rate of nail development and a 42 percent drop in the frequency of damaged nails.

  • Increased Hair Growth

The combination of collagen and vitamin C often results in increased hair growth. For example, a study indicated that women with temporary hair loss who took collagen supplements daily for 90 days saw improved hair development.

  • Reduces Joint Pain

We may experience more joint popping, cracking, and soreness as we age. When there's enough collagen in the body, it acts as a "buffer" for the bones, absorbing some of the force of stress and shock, so the bones don't have to. So to keep the cartilage in your joints in good shape, collagen is essential.

The probability of getting disorders such as osteoarthritis increases with age due to the body's loss of collagen production, as shown by research. However, ingesting collagen can alleviate pain and improve function across various arthritic disease symptoms, encouraging news (like osteoarthritis).

  • Better sleep

Glycine is an amino acid found in collagen. According to one study, glycine is positively correlated with deep sleep. Hence, consuming collagen rich in glycine may increase sleep quality.

  • Improved Healing Process

Preliminary studies suggest that consuming collagen peptides derived from a certain type of jellyfish can accelerate the healing process following damage.

  • Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Heart disease was the primary cause of death worldwide before the year 2020 (to be replaced by COVID-19 as of December 2020). Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide.

Expert suggests that collagen supplements may improve cardiovascular health. A study measuring the development of atherosclerosis found that patients who took 16 grams of collagen daily for six months experienced significant improvements in arterial stiffness measurements and increases in HDL cholesterol. In their research, the authors discovered that collagen supplements could aid in treating and preventing atherosclerosis.

  • Beneficial In Reducing Your Weight

According to studies, protein is one of the most effective ways to keep full for longer. If you don't get enough protein in your diet, you won't feel full for as long. Because of its high protein content, collagen consumption has the potential to prolong fullness, which could be helpful for weight loss.

How Much Collagen Should I Eat Every Day If That's The Case?

Collagen can be a healthy addition to your morning smoothie or coffee, but the amount you should use varies widely. Whether or not to take collagen should be based on your individual goals.

Looking at what labels are recommended is an easy option. For example, 

Enjoy YourHappy Collagen (Advanced) - Incorporate 1–2 sachets daily, or as directed by your doctor. One packet should be emptied into a glass containing 150–200 ml of water (room temperature), stirred until dissolved, and consumed. 

YourHappy Collagen (Fizz) - One tablet should be dissolved in 150 ml of water and consumed once ready. Adults should take 1-2 tablets daily, or as directed by a doctor.

Remember, organs and tissues need collagen to work correctly. Those who eat lots of meat have their supply of collagen supplemented naturally. However, supplementation is a great approach to improve your health in general, including the health of your bones, skin, joints, and hair.

The Takeaway

Collagen has so many benefits, so have fun with it and try it in different ways, like smoothies, energy drinks, etc. The safest and most accurate method of ensuring the proper dosage is strictly adhering to the directions provided with the supplement.

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