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    YourHappy Collagen Powder for Skin and Hair

    YourHappy Collagen is a powerful anti-aging blend which protects and enhances your body’s collagen. This precision formulation contains a combination of 6000 MG Premium Wild Caught Marine Collagen (Type I & III) from Korean Deep Seas and a powerhouse blend of botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & probiotics designed to regenerate & renew firm, beautiful, hydrated & youthful skin, grow healthy hair & nails and strengthen joints, muscles & bones.

    Collagen for skin & hair are dermatologist recommended, developed with our proprietary 5 Paradigm System, YourHappy Collagen powder (Advanced) is a comprehensive anti-aging solution with 11 ingredients (Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Astaxanthin, Schisandra Berry, Aloe Vera, Bamboo Extract, Centella Asiatica, Biotin, Probiotics, Vitamin C & E) These collagen powder are designed to bring back youthful glowing skin, reduce wrinkles & fine lines, restore elasticity & firmness, improve skin texture & density, eliminate acne & dryness as well as bring back healthy & radiant hair.

    11 Powerful Ingredients. 1 Result. Anti-Aging - Your Complete Solution. Good Skin Starts Here!

    Key Benefits

    • Youthful, Smooth & Supple Skin
    • Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines
    • Increased Firmness & Elasticity
    • Deeply Hydrated Skin, For a Rested & Refreshed look
    • Reduced Under Eye Dark Circles, Acne, Blemishes & Pigmentation
    • Improved Follicle Strength & Increased Keratin Production for Radiant Hair
    • Improved Gut Health For Clear Glowing Skin
    • Strong Joints, Muscles & Bones

    What Can I Expect

    • Replenished collagen to regenerate & renew youthful skin
    • Increased hydration in skin cells for reduced wrinkles & fine lines 
    • Strengthened skin barrier at a cellular level for firmer skin 
    • Reduced loss of elastin for improved elasticity
    • Enhanced moisture lock into skin cells for a refreshed complexion
    • Reduces pore size & age spots for smoother skin texture
    • Helps eliminate under eye dark circles for a rested look
    • Neutralized free radicals for reduced acne, pigmentation & scarring 
    • Increased keratin production & improved follicle strength for healthy hair & nails
    • Supplemented collagen for stronger joints, muscles & bones

    What Makes Us Better

    • The First Marine Collagen Product in India to have Probiotics to provide your gut with good healthy bacteria thereby improving your overall well being & increasing natural collagen production. The added Probiotics also help in ensuring efficient & effective absorption of the Marine Collagen Blend, increasing efficacy by 10x.  
    • The First Marine Collagen Product in India to have Astaxanthin - the antioxidant skin superhero that is considered 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C and known for its many benefits for beautiful skin.
    • The First Marine Collagen Product with added Biotin that promotes keratin production for healthy radiant hair & nails.
    • The First Marine Collagen Product in India to be 100% Sugar Free using Monk Fruit Extract For as a Natural Antioxidant Sweetener 
    • The First Marine Collagen Product in India to be 100% Preservatives Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free!

    Dosage & Directions to use

    • Take 1 - 2 sachets per day, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. 
    • Empty one sachet in a glass of 150 - 200 ml water (room temperature), stir until dissolved completely & drink. 
    • While Collagen can be consumed anytime of the day, we recommend having it in the morning and right before going to bed. 

    Tastes Like

    • PassionFruit Flavour: A deliciously intense burst of passion fruit flavour,  sweet & tangy! The anti-aging good-for-you tropical joy in a sachet. 

    Does Not Contain

    • No Sugar
    • No Gluten
    • No Preservatives 
    • No Artificials
    • No Dairy/Soy/Nuts


    • Wild Caught Marine Collagen
    • Hydrolysed Peptides
    • BioAvailable 
    • Non-GMO

    Manufactured In

    • Manufactured in a Globally Accredited, FDA, GMP, ISO9001, ISO 2200, HACCP, Halal, FSSAI certified facility.


    • Store in a dry, well ventilated place at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Replace the cap tightly after every use.


    • Wild Caught Marine Collagen (6000 mg)
    • Hyaluronic Acid (50 mg)
    • Schisandra Berry (75 mg)
    • Astaxanthin (2 mg)
    • Aloe Vera (50 mg)
    • Centella Asiatica (30 mg)
    • Bamboo Extract (75% Silica) (15 mg)
    • Biotin (30 mcg)
    • Vitamin C (40 mg)
    • Vitamin E (7.5 mg)
    • Probiotics (2 Billion CFU)

    Ingredients of YourHappy Collagen Powder for Skin & Hair

    Wild Caught Marine Collagen

    Premium Wild Caught Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides (Type 1 & 3), providing essential building blocks to rapidly regenerate & renew healthy skin cells (with enhanced firmness & elasticity), reducing fine lines & wrinkles and strengthening muscles, joints & bones.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    A must have for all skin types, its unique ability to hold & lock in hydration helps smoothen the skin's texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, leading to moisturized, luminous and supple skin.

    Schisandra Berry

    Known as the Youth Berry, Schisandra contains tons of antioxidants, nourishing the complexion from within. Its powerful astringent qualities enable the skin to hold in additional moisture, resulting in reduced micro wrinkles and fuller glowing skin.


    The superhero antioxidant (considered 6000x more powerful than Vitamin C), protects & supports skin hydration, preventing dryness. It also promotes skin cell renewal, reduces pigmentation and fights off damaging free radical components.

    Aloe Vera

    Nature’s healer, the almighty Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Extract repairs & rebuilds damaged or compromised skin cells, eradicates blemishes & diminishes age lines.

    Centella Asiatica

    A miracle herb, rich in amino acids & powerful antioxidant properties, Centella prolongs the skin's youthful appearance by speeding up skin cell production and collagen synthesis.

    Bamboo Extract (75% Silica)

    Rich in silica content, this powerful extract strengthens your skin’s protective barrier, by reducing loss of elastin & strengthening the connective tissues, improving firmness and elasticity


    Biotin stimulates keratin production and increases follicle growth for strong, radiant hair & nails.

    FAQs on YourHappy Life Collagen Powder

    Why Marine Collagen?

    We chose marine collagen because it is the highest quality source of Type I and III Collagen - the type which helps rebuild healthy hair, skin, nails as well as joints and muscles. Marine Collagen Peptides have the smallest particle size and lowest molecular weight of any type of collagen, which means it is absorbed by the body up to 1.5 times better than collagen from animal sources. Plus it's the most sustainable kind of collagen available! While Collagen Builder products (which do not contain actual Collagen) have low efficacy and impact on skin improvements, research shows that consumption of Marine Collagen has vast anti-aging benefits such as improved skin, healthier hair/nails and stronger joints/muscles/bones.

    What is the difference between Marine Collagen and Fish or Bovine Collagen?

    The other forms of Collagen available in the market are Fish Collagen & Bovine Collagen. While Fish Collagen is derived from farmed fish, and is full of antibiotics and other chemicals, Marine Collagen is completely sourced from Wild Caught Cod and is free of any chemicals. Bovine Collagen is the lowest grade of Collagen in the market, with the least efficacy and questionable sourcing methods. Fish & Bovine Collagens are used in supplements because they are cheaper than Marine Collagen. At YourHappyLife, we use only Wild Caught Marine Collagen Peptides, the cleanest and most effective source of Collagen.

    How do I know what kind of collagen is in my collagen supplement?

    Because Marine Collagen is so important and effective, if your supplement doesn’t clarify that it is either Marine or Fish Collagen, then it is definitely Bovine Collagen. Fish Collagen supplements have this information on their labels, whereas many Bovine Collagen products simply write collagen supplement. So if it says collagen (without the mention of either Marine or Fish), then it is Bovine Collagen. Be careful and read the labels thoroughly.

    What is Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and why is it better?

    Hydrolyzed Collagen (HC), is also known as Collagen Peptide or Collagen Hydrolysate. When the Marine Collagen is hydrolyzed, it is broken down into smaller particles that our body can easily absorb. Those particles are used in products designed to heal everything from skin on the outside to joint pain on the inside.

    What are Marine Collagen Peptides and why are they better?

    Marine Collagen peptide is a low-molecular-weight peptide, enzymatically hydrolyzed from the collagen tissues of marine fish. It has been found to have a wide range of functional and biological properties, including antioxidant, antihypertensive and anti-skin-aging activities. Due to these bioactive properties or health enhancing potentials have led to the use of Marine Collagen Peptides as an ingredient.

    Does YourHappy Collagen taste like fish?

    Far from it. Our Passionfruit flavoured Marine Collagen is absolutely delicious and has no aroma, taste or flavour of fish. In fact, our focus groups have loved it so much that they feel it is almost as if sipping on a fresh Passionfruit juice by the beach!

    How is YourHappy Collagen (powder) different from others?

    1. For many reasons! But here are a few to help you decide:
        • First Collagen Product in India that offers a Detailed & Complete Solution for Skin, Hair, Nails, Joints & Bones - with 6000 mg of Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Shisandra Berry, Astaxanthin, Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica, Bamboo Extract, Biotin, Probiotics and Vitamins C & E, it is the only complete solution for your Skin, Hair, Nails, Joints & Bones!!
        • First Collagen Product in India that has Probiotics - essential for great skin and overall well being, probiotics ensure healthy gut flora.
        • First Collagen Product in India that has Astaxanthin - the miracle antioxidant that is considered 6000x more powerful than Vit C. A must have for gorgeous skin.
        • First Collagen Product in India that has NO SUGAR, NO FAT, NO CHEMICALS, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS

    What is the difference between Marine Collagen & Collagen Builder?

    1. Collagen Builder might have the word Collagen in it, the fact is that they do not actually contain any Collagen. These are powdered blends made from plant extracts. Collagen Builders do not contain collagen peptides, which are the building blocks of collagen in the body and essential for renewing skin cells, joints, bones and muscles. Collagen Builders may contain nutrients that may support collagen production in the body, but lack the efficacy of Marine Collagen. Be wary of products that call themselves Collagen Builders since they only contain plant extracts which are not effective in replacing your loss of Collagen. Research has shown that Marine Collagen Peptides are 25x more effective for skin than Collagen Builders. Choose wisely

    The Marine Collagen of YourHappyLife is sourced from Wild Caught Fish is the best & highest quality source of Collagen available. It is bioavailable which means that it is easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream leading to maximum results.

    Is there a Vegetarian Collagen?

    Collagen is an animal protein, which means it has no natural vegetarian sources. Collagen builders do not contain Collagen and are ineffective in helping you replace the loss of Collagen in your body due to aging, stress, and environmental factors. Be wary of products that call themselves Collagen Builders since they only contain plant extracts which are not effective in replacing your loss of Collagen. Research has shown that Marine Collagen Peptides are 25x more effective for skin than Collagen Builders. Choose wisely.

    Is YourHappy Collagen Powder good for hair?

    Yes it is! Our collagen powder comes with added Biotin which increases keratin production and follicle growth for longer stronger hair! Combined with Collagen, look forward to radiant gorgeous hair!

    Who is this made for?

    1. Those looking for
      • Complete Anti-Aging Solution
      • Youthful Luminous Skin
      • Reduced Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Pigmentation
      • Firmer Skin with Better Elasticity
      • Hydrated Smooth Complexion
      • Reduced acne and under eye dark circles
      • Strong Joints & Bone Strength
      • Healthy Hair & Nails

    Is this product Bioavailable and what is Bioavailability?

    We use 100% bioavailable ingredients to make sure that it is easily absorbed by your body and delivers proven benefits. Bioavailability is a measurement of the level of absorption of the ingredient in your bloodstream.

    How to use Marine Collagen Powder?

    Our marine collagen peptides are easily digested and soluble in hot and cold liquids, and 1-2 sachets a day is all you need! Plus adding a sachet of this marine collagen powder to different foods (like desserts or dressings) or beverages (like smoothies or water) gives you the boost all you need to support healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.

    How many sachets are there in the jar?

    We have 30 sachets in the jar.

    How many sachets can I consume in a day?

    Take 1-2 sachets per day, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

    For how long should I continue using YourHappy Collagen Powder?

    You can consume our YHL Collagen powder for as long as you want. Stay consistent with usage for beautiful firm skin with the best collagen powder in India.

    How do you use it?

    Put 1 sachet of YourHappy Collagen Powder in 150 ml of water, stir well and consume immediately.

    Does it contain sugar?

    No, it does not contain sugar. We have used natural sweetener Monk Fruit Extract to create this product, so you can rest assured that there is no harmful sugar in this product.

    What does it taste like?

    It tastes refreshing and breezy, yummy tropical passionfruit!

    What is the shelf life?

    The shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacturing.

    Can I consume it daily?

    Yes, you can have it on a daily basis or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

    How much Marine Collagen can I consume daily?

    We normally recommend taking 1-2 sachets per day (mix 1 sachet in 150 ml of water). You can speak to your healthcare professional if you want to increase this dosage. Pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions or people on chronic medication should first consult their physicians.

    Can anyone consume Marine Collagen?

    Yes, anyone can! It’s especially helpful for the people in their mid 20’s and above, since that’s when our collagen production begins to slow down. A must have for younger firmer skin, it replenishes the loss of collagen, and helps enhance the collagen your body already has. However, pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions or people on chronic medication should first consult their physicians.

    What is the best time to consume Marine Collagen?

    While Collagen can be consumed anytime during the day, the important factor is to be regular and enjoy it everyday for maximum results. However research has shown that the best time to have it is in the morning or at night before you go to sleep.

    How long does it take to see results?

    With consistent use, you will begin to see results within 3 weeks. Firmer and hydrated Complexion with a refreshed and rested look. Continued use will keep your skin healthy and glowing. We don’t use any sugar or preservatives so that you can be stress free and enjoy YourHappy Collagen.

    Is it safe for senior citizens?

    As we age and collagen production slows, bone density decreases, and so does the quality of the cartilage in our joints. By supplementing with YourHappy Collagen it will help to strengthen Joints & Bones. So yes, it is safe for senior citizens.

    Can I consume Collagen with other YourHappy products?

    Yes, all the products have been designed to be compatible with each other.

    Are there any side effects?

    No, we use 100% clean ingredients in all our products. In case you are allergic to some ingredients present in the supplement please consult your healthcare professional before consuming it.

    Are there any allergens I should be careful about?

    This product contains fish ingredients, and if you have fish allergies please do not use it. Speak to your healthcare professional for more information.

    What makes YourHappy Collagen (Advanced) the best collagen supplement in India?

    Marine Collagen powder for skin health, combined with botanicals, antioxidants & skin vitamins is a complete spectrum solution, using high grade international ingredients & a scientifically backed formulation for high efficacy. It is also the best collagen powder in India because of its high taste profile, making it delicious to consume at any time of day. When choosing a collagen powder for skin, always look for a complete solution.