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Sustainability isn’t an option. It’s a choice and we’ve made it happen.

We believe in the healing alchemy of the natural world. Our ingredients come from the earth — plants, minerals and elements. No harmful chemicals or unsafe toxins. We use organic botanicals whenever possible and our formulas comply with the most stringent of standards. All ingredients are thoroughly tested prior to use, with detailed certificates of analysis & traceability. And lastly, what's printed on our labels is what's in the product.

Our Packaging

By employing a minimalist approach, we've significantly reduced our plastic footprint, ensuring that every product upholds the same uncompromising quality standards. But our commitment towards sustainability doesn't stop there - it extends to our packaging as well. We've embraced the inherent eco-friendliness of corrugated packaging boxes, each one naturally biodegradable, representing our pledge to tread lightly on the environment. Going forward too, we are going to make eco-friendly choices to make our planet a healthier & happier one.

Glass Jars

Our jars are designed to encourage repurposing in your own unique creative ways, you could totally use it to keep your buttons, coins or trinkets safely. 

HPMC Capsules

Manufactured from 100% plant-based materials including hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, does not contain animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin.

Recyclable Sachets

Our Marine Collagen is packed in Biodegradable Composite Jars, with Recyclable Sachets which are the first of its kind in India, for Marine Collagen.

People & Planet before Profitability

Sustainability practices are integral to our mission. Which is why we don’t have single-use plastics in our ecosystem, opting instead for biodegradable & recyclable options that don’t harm our planet, and are good for the people.