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Article: Benefits Of Gelatin Free Supplements

Benefits Of Gelatin Free Supplements

Benefits Of Gelatin Free Supplements

A gummy supplement is everyone's favorite nutritional supplement in every age group. But did you know that gelatin is a primary ingredient in these widely used dietary supplements? Yes, protein-rich and often animal-derived, this thickening and gelling ingredient is a staple in many supplements & kitchens. 

Unfortunately, these nutritional supplements might harm the human body due to gelatin's presence. But nowadays, gelatin-free supplements are widely available in the market. Moreover, there are several benefits that consumers may enjoy when they choose gelatin-free products/supplements. 

Let's look into the benefits of gelatin-free supplements.

What kind of supplement is available?

There are two typical varieties of supplements to compare:

  • Gelatin-based - Animal skin, cartilage, and bones are boiled for a long time to extract gelatin, a yellowish, odorless, and practically tasteless material. Pork skins, horns, and cow bones are only some of the by-products used in its production.
  • Gelatin-free based - To replace gelatin, pectin is ideal. Pectin is found predominantly in apples and citrus. It is a kind of dietary fiber that aids the absorption of nutrients.

What is gelatin?

Soups, broths, sauces, gummy sweets, marshmallows, cosmetics, and medicines use gelatin to provide thickening and gelling properties to these products. Gelatin is made from the bones and connective tissue of animals and their skin. In addition, the flesh of animals, such as cows or fish, may be used.

Gelatin is made by extracting collagen, a fibrous protein that helps hold muscles, bones, and skin together, and then chemically transforming it into a flavorless, colorless, jelly-like substance.

Is gelatin a protein?

Gelatin has high protein content. For example, 100 grams of dried gelatin powder contain more than 85 grams of protein. Gelatin is an excellent source of amino acids, which may also be obtained by digesting some animal bones and organs. Some of the most common amino acids found in gelatin include glycine and proline. 

Non-Animal Sources of Gelatin

Many alternatives to gelatin are used as stiffening agents. For example, Agar-agar and carrageen are both made from seaweed. Guar gum, an ingredient often found in ice cream and pudding, comes from a plant. Another option for gelatin is gellan gum, which comes from fermented algae. The terms "food glaze" or "food grade coating" may also appear on the ingredient list of a gelatin-free multivitamin product.

Is gelatin vegetarian (vegan)?

It's important to note that gelatin is unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans. This is because it's made from highly processed animal tissue. Gelatin alternatives suitable for vegetarians and vegans are widely available in many parts of the world.

Gelatin-Free Supplements (Pectin-Based Supplements)

Pectin-only products are an ideal gelatin alternative to give products texture while preserving the product's essential nutrients. 

The benefits of pectin-based products include:

  • Aid digestion and prevent bacteria invasion

Pectin aids digestion because, being a soluble fiber, it forms a gel when combined with water. This softens stool and ensures quick elimination.

Pectin inhibits harmful germs from entering the intestines. The digestive system and the immune system both benefit from this.

  • Lower blood sugar and cholesterol

Pectin has been tested in animals. Pectin consumption reduces overall blood sugar levels and regulates hormones in blood sugar metabolism. In addition, pectin inhibits or reduces the body's ability to absorb cholesterol. Therefore, it's an excellent way to keep your heart healthy. However, more study is needed to determine pectin's human function.

  • Reduce colon cancer risk

Scientists claim pectin fights cancer. For example, fiber helps prevent colon cancer by decreasing cell damage and inflammation. Also, studies in test tubes have shown that pectin kills those certain kinds of cancer cells. Still, additional study is required to determine pectin's impact on the human body.

  • Promote a healthy weight

Pectin has been demonstrated to aid in weight growth for the underweight and to have no impact on obesity. Pectin helps maintain weight. Animal experimentation verified the observation. Still, more research must prove that pectin has useful effects on people.

What are the benefits of switching to gelatin-free supplements?

Gelatin-free foods & supplements have several benefits over gelatin ones. These include-

  • No allergy issues

Gelatin is allergenic for certain people. This may have two reasons. First, due to its animal origin, gelatin might cause an allergic reaction if it comes into contact with diseased animal tissue or cells. The second possibility is that the individual has a weakened immune system and is allergic to animal collagen. Therefore, one way to achieve that is to adopt gelatin-free supplements or substitutes for gelatin.

  • No risk of exposure

Overconsumption may be harmful since gelatin becomes toxic at sufficiently high levels. However, adverse effects may be avoided if people take their medication as directed.

Also, pesticides are often used on animals. For example, gelatin, which is made from animal parts, may be toxic. Therefore, a toxin is absorbed by humans via the tissue of animals. However, you may avoid this by opting for a gelatin-free supplement that still meets your taste and health needs.

The current situation serves as a reminder that even things that appear simple on the surface may profoundly affect people's way of life.

Since even the possibility of prolonged exposure to gelatin-based products might cause a medical emergency, it's best to keep away from them.

Furthermore, Scientist Harry J. Johnson pointed out that the human body is built to endure various environmental changes and attacks. Therefore, being healthy depends on how well your body can adjust to new circumstances.

  • No bloating or stomach pain

Supplements made with gelatin can cause gastrointestinal distress and swelling. As an alternative to gelatin, pectin is in great demand because of its lack of toxicity.

Switching to supplements without gelatin or agar-agar may help you achieve a healthy lifestyle by reducing preventable health problems caused by using gelatin-based products. Unfortunately, this ingredient is unfamiliar to many due to its severe side effects. Gelatin-free alternatives to gummies, candies, and supplements with the original jelly texture and flavor are the best substitutes.

  • No liver or kidney damage

The human body undergoes a chemical change as a result of eating gelatin. When this happens, the protein is broken down. It leads to the loss of protein that might have been utilized to fuel our body's functions.

Over time, the body's inability to maintain essential protein stores might have negative health consequences. In addition, this would strain the liver and kidneys more. As a result, people who are afflicted with liver or renal disease should always stay away from gelatin-based products and instead choose vegan or gelatin-free supplements.

The Takeaway

Gelatin-free supplements are a better alternative to prevent unnecessary health concerns. We must always choose the tastier and more nutritious choice. Experts say it rightly: "Take care of your body because it's the only place you have to live."

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