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Article: Top 10 Hair Hacks For Dry, Frizzy Hair

Top 10 Hair Hacks For Dry, Frizzy Hair

Top 10 Hair Hacks For Dry, Frizzy Hair

No matter how hard you try, frizzy hair is unmanageable. As soon as you step outside, it becomes unmanageably frizzy because of dryness. Thankfully, you may keep your beautiful appearance with the help of some corrective measures for curly hair.

A full head of frizz might detract from an otherwise stunning appearance. Frizzy hair is not a natural texture, as most people believe. Instead, frizz is caused by poor hair care. Since this is the case, solving it will only take a little bit of extra concentration. Frizzy hair can be prevented with some essential maintenance. Therefore, some basic knowledge of what causes it and some simple correct hacks are not required. Read on to find out more!

According to Expert, the following hacks for dry, frizzy hair:

1. Hair Mask (Avocado, Honey & Rosemary oil Hair Mask)

Hair can soak up the moisture provided by avocados and honey. Honey's humectant properties help to preserve the lustrous sheen that everyone desires. Likewise, Rosemary oil helps promote hair growth. The antioxidant properties of rosemary leaf extract make it an effective skin protector and anti-aging aid. In addition, it has rosmarinic acid, which helps treat skin conditions like eczema and acne.


  • You'll need raw honey (1‚Äď1 1/2 tablespoons), an egg (whole), and rosemary oil (3 drops).
  • Mix the ingredients and apply them over your hair. Wait 15‚Äď20 minutes before using shampoo.
Hair Mask

2. Deep Conditioning Your Hair Once Every Week

Moisturization is an effective treatment for dryness and frizz treatment. Lack of moisture causes dry hair. Having dry hair is a common contributor to frizz. Due to the strands' lack of pliability, dry hair is more susceptible to breakage and snapping. Consequently, deep conditioning the hair once every week or every other week is a great way to replenish the moisture it loses.

Deep Conditioning Your Hair

3. Detoxify Hair To Remove Buildup

Most frizz is caused by dryness, although buildup is often a close second. Dryness from hard water, which can lead to an accumulation of minerals like iron and calcium on the hair, is a common cause of frizz, as stated by the experts. "The absorption of water by the hair may be hindered by the barrier that these minerals create.

To make a detoxify rinse: 

  • Ingredient: Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar
  • Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice into 2 cups warm water.¬†
  • Wet your hair and apply this rinse from roots to ends.¬†
  • The next step is to condition your hair with shampoo.¬†
  • This may be carried out once every month.

Note - Persons with hypersensitive scalps should avoid this rinse because of its acidity. It could result in irritation. Additionally, people with color-treated hair should limit their use of apple cider vinegar rinses, as frequent use can cause hair color to fade.

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Detoxify Hair To Remove Buildup

4. Steam Your Hair To Hydrate 

It might be challenging to properly hydrate the strands of hair, depending on the hair's porosity. The cuticle, the outermost layer of hair, looks like tiles or scales. Proteins bound together with fatty lipids/acids make up hair. Depending on how open or closed these scales are, some hair types have a far easier time absorbing and holding onto moisture than others

. Significantly raised cuticles on porous hair make it easy for water to penetrate and evaporate fast.

On the other hand, low-porosity hair has cuticles sealed so firmly that water has difficulty penetrating them. The problem with this hair type is that styling products tend to sit on the strand rather than being absorbed. As a result, not even moisture stays on the strand for long before it evaporates.

Water absorption is difficult for people with low porosity. Professionals highly recommend steam since it softens the cuticle layer's scales and allows moisture to penetrate.

Steam your hair at home by applying conditioner to freshly washed hair. A shower hat and a warm, moist towel cover the hair. The cuticle layer of your hair will open up as a result of the steam, allowing the conditioner to penetrate more easily.

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 Steam Your Hair To Hydrate

5. Repair The Broken Strands In Your Hair

Frizz can develop from heat styling and damage. The molecular linkages of the hair must be restored to repair the damage done by coloring and heat styling.

Olive oil hydrates and softens hair, making it a popular haircare product. The size of the molecules is just right for penetrating the hair cuticle. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin E. Olive oil can help repair dry, damaged hair by adding hydration and suppleness.

Experts recommend warming a small amount of olive oil in the palms of your hands and massaging it into the damaged parts of your hair, from the midshaft to the ends. Allow the olive oil to remain in your hair for at least twenty minutes before washing it for optimal results. Then, proceed to your routine of shampooing and conditioning. It's recommended that you do this once a week.

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Repair The Broken Strands In Your Hair

6. Use Humectants To Retain Moisture

The problem for people with high-porosity hair isn't so much obtaining moisture as it is retaining it. Applying a natural humectant to wet hair is a great way to keep it that way. High-porosity hair benefits from the following humectants:

  • Honey
  • Aloe
  • Glycerine

Be cautious and start with a tablespoon of these products. According to experts, flexible hold gels assist porous hair in retaining moisture - "Numerous people opt to produce their flaxseed gel for hydration. If you want to look heavier, shea butter is a great choice.

Note: Proper hair cleansing is required to avoid the buildup of these substances.

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Use Humectants To Retain Moisture

7. Repair The Hair: "Prevention Is Better Than Cure"

That water left over when you cook rice? Do not pour it down the drain just yet. It can be used as a treatment for your hair.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends drinking rice water to promote healthy hair growth and improve the overall condition of your hair. It seals the hair shaft to prevent moisture loss and contains antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids that all contribute to healthy hair.


  • To make cloudy water, soak one cup of rice in two to three cups of water for 30 minutes while stirring occasionally.
  • Once the water has been strained, you can store it in a clean jar or spray bottle in the fridge.¬†
  • It's best to use rice water as a conditioner on newly washed hair.¬†
  • Give it five to twenty minutes to soak in, then rinse and condition it if you like.¬†
  • Treat your hair to this once a week.
Repair The Hair

8. Invest In Suitable Linens

Drying hair using a microfiber towel: A microfiber towel soaks up extra water without stripping the hair or breaking the cuticle. In contrast, a regular cotton towel might irritate your hair and cause unwanted frizz.

Silk Or Satin Pillowcase: Despite your best efforts, the linens you use may be causing your hair to dry out, frizz up, or both. Hair can be protected from dryness by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. In addition, your hair will break more quickly due to friction if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase since it will absorb moisture from your hair.

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Invest In Suitable Linens

9. Apply Styling Products On Hair At the Correct Time

Water, the most basic hydration is the starting point for healthy hair. Unfortunately, most people with curly hair make the mistake of waiting until after their hair is dry to apply solutions meant to lock in moisture or secure styles. 

When applied to wet hair, the product increases the hair's ability to absorb both the product and the water. High-porosity hair needs a sealer to prevent water loss. Apply styling products to wet, clumped curls for the best results.

To keep your hair looking its best, consider using top hair supplements like YourHappy Hair Capsules. These supplements are specially formulated to support hair growth and maintain hair health.

Styling Products On Hair

10. Stimulate Hair Growth Using Collagen

Since hair is derived from the skin, collagen's capacity to resist the effects of skin aging may contribute to improved hair formation and reduce falls.

Although highly effective, collagen is not a topical material. However, collagen peptides, which include protein, are recommended by experts as a way to ensure enough protein intake, one of the fundamental building blocks for good hair growth.

By supplementing with YourHappy Collagen (Advanced), you can keep your natural collagen in excellent condition, making your hair stronger and shinier.

The Takeaway


Dry or damaged hair is a common source of frizz. However, some corrective measures for frizzy hair can be taken to replenish hair roots by hydrating, nourishing, and moisturizing hair strands to control frizz.


Can I wear a hat or scarf with frizzy hair?

Wearing a cap or scarf could make your hair more untamed. If you must cover your hair, choose a satin or silk scarf to avoid damaging your hair.

Can I remove frizzed hair within five minutes?

To remove frizz in 5 minutes:

  1. Use a heat protectant spray or hair serum after towel drying.
  2. Untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb and blow dry it.
  3. Use a few tiny drops of light oil to finish.

Can frizzy hair be treated with gel or oil?

Both aid frizzy hair. The gel keeps the hair dry, shiny, and frizz at bay, while the oil adds moisture and controls the unruly ends.

Which is better for frizzy hair, a serum or a hair mask?

Each is an efficient method of taming frizz. While serums shield hair from thermal styling damage, hair masks replenish lost moisture to keep hair manageable.

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