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Article: Why You Should Mix Collagen With Protein Powder

Why You Should Mix Collagen With Protein Powder

Why You Should Mix Collagen With Protein Powder

You may wonder, "Can I combine collagen and protein powder?" Try combining whey and collagen to get crazy and get some unique benefits.
Each of these proteins stands on its own, but they are much better together. Supplying your body with the nutrients it needs may reduce stress, increase your immunity, and slow down the aging process, all while feeling better in your muscles, brain, skin, hair, and joints.

The Advantages of Collagen

Among the benefits of collagen are the following:

Amino Acids: Collagen peptides contain a few valuable amino acids:

  • Glutamic acid is responsible for transmitting about 40% of the brain's chemical and electrical signals.
  • Glycine and Arginine¬†mix with methionine to form¬†creatine, which is then utilized by the muscles for energy.
  • Hydroxyproline, in conjunction with glycine and arginine, produces collagen in the body, maintaining young skin and robust joints.

Elastin: This is a chemical whose name accurately describes its function. Elastin maintains the suppleness, flexibility, and hydration of the skin and joints, much like a new elastic band. Collagen peptides rich in glycine and Hydroxyproline are the ideal building blocks for your body to produce more elastin.

Thermal Stability: Collagen peptides do not degrade or lose their beneficial properties when cooked, making them ideal for cooking and baking.

How Actual Collagen and Protein Works In Our Body?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and an essential building block for hair, skin, nails, bones, muscles, and joints. It can be found in your body's connective tissue, tendons, fat, and ligaments, where it works hard to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free and your joints functioning smoothly.

Nonetheless, as we age, beginning in our 20s and continuing through our 40s and 50s, the body creates less collagen each year, resulting in joint pain, diminished muscle mass, sagging wrinkled skin, and brittle hair - yikes! Beginning in our mid-20s, we gradually lose collagen. In the first five years of menopause, women can lose as much as 30% of their collagen production.

The good news is that collagen is available in numerous supplement forms, including powder, pills, capsules, liquid, and even beverages. Collagen prevents our skin from drooping and gives us a firm, youthful appearance. In addition, your muscles, joints, and entire body will be overjoyed when you combine a collagen supplement - YourHappy Collagen (Advanced) with protein powder.

The building blocks of protein in our bodies are amino acids. Specifically, the amino acids glycine and arginine in protein boost the health of our skin, hair, bones, and joints. Rich in these amino acids are collagen peptides. As a result, collagen protein powders deliver a surge of amino acids to aid post-workout recovery while promoting joint health and function. Other protein powders, such as whey protein and pea protein powder also contain amino acids to aid muscle rehabilitation and growth.

When you combine collagen with a protein powder, you increase the amount of protein (amino acids) your body uses to refuel, grow muscle mass, and support and soothe painful joints, muscles, and bones. It is a win-win situation for the body, health, hair, skin, and nails!

  • Rested & Refreshed Look
  • Improved Skin Texture & Tone
  • Reduced Dark Circles & Acne
  • Increased Luminosity & Hydration
  • Healthy Radiant Hair & Nails

Can Protein Powder With Collagen Powder Be Beneficial For Muscle Strength?

Yes, indeed! Retaining physical strength and lean muscle mass becomes more challenging as we age. In addition, as we age, our metabolism also changes, making it more challenging to shed weight and giving us less energy. However, here is where collagen-rich whey comes in.

Collagen supplements have been demonstrated to prevent age-related losses in muscle mass and combat aging-related symptoms such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dull hair.

In a study, it was discovered that collagen peptide supplements, when combined with exercise and resistance training, improved participants' overall body composition by increasing fat-free mass (lean muscle mass), muscle strength, and fat mass loss compared to those who took a placebo.

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The Best You Get From Collagen Protein Powder

  • More nutrition:¬†Combining collagen protein with whey protein powder results in an optimal amino acid balance. There is no reason to choose between speedy muscle repair and antioxidant defense. Your muscles, metabolism, immune system, skin, hair, and joints will all be well taken care of if you stick to these two.
  • Easy to absorb:¬†Both whey protein and collagen peptides are easily digested and utilized as fuel. So even if you have sensitive digestion or a disease like IBS, you still have access to high-protein choices that can reduce inflammation and promote muscle growth.
  • More convenience in nature:¬†Collagen peptides and whey proteins are extremely simple to dissolve in liquids. Moreover, combining them provides you with more possibilities if you aim to fulfill a specific protein goal. Half a scoop of each provides 15 grams of protein. You can easily adjust the proportions to meet your requirements.
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How Should Whey Protein and Collagen Powder Be Combined?

  1. Add one scoop to your next shake or smoothie, or use our Green Breakfast Smoothie with one pouch of Collagen (Advanced) and Whey Protein as a guided morning booster drink.
  2. Add both to coffee for a healthful, creamy beverage!
  3. Consume a muffin containing one Collagen (Advanced) pouch in the morning and a shake containing whey protein powder after exercise.
  4. On days with fewer workouts, you can use one pouch of  Collagen (Advanced) to provide your skin, nails, and connective tissues with the nutrients they require to remain healthy. On days you engage in intense endurance exercise or weightlifting, increase the whey protein powder you consume to aid muscle recovery.
  5. Replace 1/8 cup of flour with protein powder and one pouch of Collagen (Advanced) in your pancake or waffle batter.

The Takeaway

Collagen is not a complete protein since it includes just eight of the nine required amino acids. A complete protein alternative is likely superior if you drink protein powder to build muscle mass after an exercise. This ensures you receive all the amino acids necessary for muscle growth. In contrast to most other protein powders, collagen powder is excellent in supporting connective tissues, reducing joint pain & overall body health.


Why should whey protein and collagen powder be used together?

When collagen protein and whey protein powder are mixed, the benefits of each are maximized. These two will give you all you need to keep your muscles, metabolism, immune system, skin, hair, and joints healthy.

What is the best way to mix protein powder with collagen powder supplements?

The two should be consumed together as a shake, smoothie, coffee, pancake, waffle, muffin batter.

What are the advantages of Collagen powder for Muscle Power?

Research shows that collagen supplements can delay the onset of age-related muscle loss and improve the appearance of other signs of aging, including sagging skin and lifeless hair.

Can collagen replace protein powder after exercise?

The response is both yes and no. It depends on your training objectives. Collagen is not a complete protein since it includes just eight of the nine required amino acids. A complete protein alternative is likely superior if you drink protein powder to build muscle mass after an exercise to receive all the amino acids. Collagen powder supports connective tissues and reduces joint pain after exercise.


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