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Our Story

Our Founder

Harpreet Vir Singh.

India is witnessing a revolution in nutritional understanding, which in turn has been pushing the growth of the preventive care supplements industry. However, this high growth has also paved the way for a market flooded with ‘me-too’ products, where generic/piecemeal formulations, old-school delivery formats, and poorly sourced ingredients have become the norm. Sub-par products have found a foothold because they are easy to develop, quick to manufacture & presented at a low cost.

But not for long...Consumers understand the difference in quality, they want & deserve better.

And hence began the journey of YourHappyLife. A health and wellness brand for the new-age consumer with a simple mission - To create innovative, complete wellness solutions built at an intersection of direct and indirect functionality, which were clean label & offered holistic wellbeing.

Our Advisor

Sumeet Nindrajog

Sumeet is currently the Co-founder and Senior Partner at Paragon Partners, a mid-market focussed Indian private equity fund. He has over 18 years’ experience in advising, investing and operating in companies in North America and India.

Sumeet previously worked at Ares Management in their Private Equity Group in Los Angeles and with UBS in the Investment Banking Group.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our In-house Experts



Since 2003, Anuj has been helping various organisations with Sports Development in the way of Strength/Conditioning Principles and Performance Education in India.

He has majored in Sports Studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University and is CFSC, FMS & TRX Suspension Certified as well as an EXOS Performance Specialist. As the founder of BridgePro, he provides education and design solutions for Strength & Conditioning for Coaches, Athletes, Sports & Fitness Facilities for top tier performance (think Olympics!).

Anuj is our in-house expert on all things related to Fitness, Performance & Recovery!



After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease, at just 19 years old, Shaana Levy-Bahl decided to heal herself holistically by tackling the source of her illness from both a physical and emotional perspective. She spent 15 years researching and travelling around the world meeting various kinds of healers/doctors from Chinese medicine to Past Life Regression therapy all the way to Hypnotherapy and Ayurveda. It was during this process where she discovered the healing power of food. Through years of trial and error she slowly began an intimate relationship and deeper understanding with her body, and now lives a healthy life free from the shackles of her “incurable” illness.

She looks forward to spreading her holistic approach to wellness to those who suffered like she has.