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YourHappy SuperKids (Multivitamin Gummies)

Daily Dose of Essential Nutrients For Kids & Teens

Introducing a power-packed multivitamin gummies for kids & teens that includes all the essentials they need every day. Soft chewable made from natural whole foods that provide a complete range of nutrients, from vitamins & minerals to phytonutrients (supergreens), antioxidants (superfruits), vegan omega-3 (flaxseed), probiotics, & fiber. Oh, & did we mention that they have zero added sugar & are 100% plant-based.







BerryBurst Flavour

60 Gummies Per Pack

Sale priceRs. 699.00 Regular priceRs. 1,099.00
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SuperKids  Multivitamin Gummies
YourHappy SuperKids (Multivitamin Gummies) Sale priceRs. 699.00 Regular priceRs. 1,099.00

Clean Ingredients

No Added Sugar

No Preservatives


No Gluten

Vegan Choices

 Dr. Someya Agrawal (Pediatrician)

Being a pediatrician and also a mother to two, I have always tried to search for doable and easy ways to make everyday nutrition more inclusive and thorough.

Superkids by YourHappyLife provides a very wide range of good micronutrients that is known to back all of these health parameters.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, fibers, prebiotics and the goodness of superfoods like berries, greens and seeds and nuts, it comes to the rescue of everyday nutrition in a very delicious way! No added sugars, no artificial colors or flavors, tested for allergens.

With the gummies in their individual paper packing my kids just carry their own gummies on their way to school every day. Superkids YHL is a full spectrum nutrient dense gummy that promises to supplement, elevate and support whole foods based home cooking. I happily recommend 1-2 of these to children and adults.

Why These Multivitamin Gummies?

  • Power packed with 15 essential Vitamins and Minerals for better absorption.
  • Daily powerful dose of Phytonutrients (SuperGreens), Antioxidants (SuperFruits) for growth and a strong immune system.
  • Formulated with Prebiotics and Probiotics to help build a strong gut.
  • 100% plant-based and zero added sugar, the sweetness comes from Prebiotic Fiber Chicory Root and Natural Apple Juice.
  • A potent ingredient, Flaxseed extract with vegan algae boosts visual and cognitive development.

"Might taste like candy, but definitely not candy!"

Though the kids might think its candy!

Designed to Prevent

Frequent Illnesses (cough, cold & fever)

Slow growth and development

Lack of energy and constant fatigue

Risk of developing chronic diseases

Poor focus and memory

Results That Matter

*Internal study on 25 candidates for a period of 3 months.

“Packed with SuperFruits and SuperGreens, so that your little ones get all the antioxidants & leafy greens they need everyday.”

Bridging The Gap

1. A Comprehensive Full Spectrum Formulation

A 7-in-1 proprietary formulation combines daily essential Vitamins & Minerals with Phytonutrients (supergreens), Antioxidants (superfruits), Vegan Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics and Fibre.

2. Active Phytonutrients & Antioxidants Blend

Pushing your kids to eat their veggies, or getting that daily powerful dose of antioxidants, is a thing of the past. YourHappy SuperKids contain a full spectrum of greens & fruits, so that you have the peace of mind you deserve.

3. Vegan Omega 3 & Probiotics

Growing bodies have specific needs. These essentials support brain health & strong digestive systems in those early years.

4. Goodbye Sugar Rush

With Prebiotic Fiber Chicory Root & Natural Apple Juice as base, we removed the bad (read: sugar) from these gummies, without compromising on the taste.

Made With Clean Ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D3, E, K1, Chromium, Manganese, Zinc (Zinc citrate)


Broccoli, Kale, Moringa, Spinach, Spirulina


Acai Berry, Acerola Cherry, Amla, Banana, Blackberry, Black Cherry,  Blueberry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate

Vegan Omega-3

Derived from flaxseed, Omega 3 is an essential component that improves brain health, cognitive function, & vision during those growing years.

Probiotics/ Prebiotics fiber

Formulated with probiotics (the good bugs) and prebiotic fiber to help build a strong gut & promote healthy digestion.


Biotin stimulates keratin production and increases follicle growth for strong, radiant hair and nails.

“I'm glad my kids are enjoying something that's actually good for them. These gummies make daily nutrition a delightful experience and my kids love it!”


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