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Article: The Ultimate Guide To Marine Collagen: What You Need To Know

Marine Collagen Powder

The Ultimate Guide To Marine Collagen: What You Need To Know


Collagen is a popular anti-aging ingredient in cosmetics. However, collagen is becoming increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement. Collagen can be added to foods and drinks, including liquid, capsules, and powder.

Many Nutri-cosmetics, including collagen powder (also known as hydrolyzed collagen powder or collagen peptide powder), have received extensive coverage, typically from a "beauty from the inside" perspective. However, despite its many benefits, collagen isn't just for the skin.

Throughout our lives, there are natural fluctuations in how much collagen—the body's most abundant protein—we produce. However, scientists have discovered that our collagen levels begin to decline in our 20s. The decline in collagen levels has far-reaching impacts on our health, affecting our appearance, muscle strength, bone density, and joint mobility.

Many people take marine-based collagen supplements like fish scale collagen, marine collagen powder, and marine collagen peptides to make their skin look better. Take a closer look at marine collagen and how it can help you.

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Bovine Collagen V/S Marine Collagen

Collagen used in supplements often comes from either bovine or marine sources. Bovine collagen, as its name suggests, comes from bovine animals, cows, and other mammals sharing their family tree. Only from the hides of cattle can bovine collagen be isolated. Meanwhile, marine collagen is derived from fish, specifically the skin, which has a high protein concentration.

Bovine collagen has specific benefits. For example, the three most common types of collagen in humans are: (Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3). In addition, bovine collagen alleviates aches in the joints and fortifies bone tissue, enhancing skin health. Bovine collagen is more widely available and inexpensive because of this.

Marine collagen, meanwhile, comes in two types: types 1 and 3. However, these account for almost 80% of the collagen in our bodies. As a result, marine collagen is growing in demand. Marine collagen is the victor when comparing collagen's health benefits, bioavailability, and sustainability.

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What Exactly Is Marine Collagen?

Collagen, the body's major protein and by far the most abundant, is produced at a decreasing rate year after year. Most of us don't receive enough collagen from food, so we need collagen peptide supplements to keep us healthy and strong. Peptides derived from marine collagen can aid in this regard. Fish skin is the source of marine collagen. Marine collagen peptides have several beneficial properties.

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Why Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen peptide is synthesized by enzymatic degradation of collagen in fish tissues. Peptides derived from marine collagen are used in products because they exhibit bioactivities beneficial to health. The valuable features of marine collagen include the following:

  • High bioavailability

Marine collagen is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body than its terrestrial counterpart. Marine collagen has the smallest particle size and lowest molecular weight, making it more easily absorbed by the body and able to benefit the digestive and immunological systems. Marine collagen may be absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other forms.

  • Type 1 collagen 

The fact that marine collagen peptides are primarily composed of Type 1 Collagen is a bonus. Collagen comes in about forty varieties, with variety one being the most frequent. Type 1 collagen is the most common marine collagen in many connective tissues. Some Marine Collagens contain type 2 and 3 collagen, which benefits the skin and joints.

  • High in glycine and proline amino acids

Because it contains high amounts of essential amino acids like glycine and proline, marine collagen is a useful dietary supplement. Glycine is a versatile amino acid that helps create lean muscle, prevents stomach ulcers by affecting the central nervous system, fights inflammation and free radicals, and shields against diabetes by improving glucose tolerance. Proline's primary roles include boosting collagen formation and shielding cells from free radical damage.

  • Eco-friendly

Collagen derived from marine sources is the most environmentally friendly option. Recent studies have demonstrated that some collagen-rich fish skin and other by-products that are often thrown away during fish processing have considerable health advantages. Therefore, collagen protein from marine collagen extracted from fish skin is an excellent source of health benefits and helps reduce environmental pollution.

  • Antioxidant Protection

Marine collagen, a powerful antioxidant, protects the body from free radical damage. Unstable electrons, or "free radicals," are known to damage cells. Antioxidants in your diet help fight free radicals and protect your body from damage. Research from various disciplines shows that marine collagen holds its own against four types of collagen.

  • Options for boosting your collagen consumption

The body produces collagen from amino acids and other nutrients in a young person's diet. However, since this mechanism diminishes with age, consuming collagen may help.

Whether you are making a smoothie, a milkshake, coffee, pancakes, or a bowl of oatmeal, collagen powder is a great addition. Baked oats infused with collagen are a nutritious alternative to traditional breakfast meals or beverages.

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The Marine Magic in Yourhappylife

Collagen Powder is made up of 100% bioavailable ingredients so that your body can efficiently utilize it and get the benefits that have been shown to come from it. How well an ingredient is absorbed into the bloodstream is its bio-availability.



  • Youthful, Smooth & Supple Skin
  • Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Increased Firmness & Elasticity
  • Deeply Hydrated Skin, For a Rested & Refreshed look
  • Improved Skin Texture & Tone

Protecting and boosting your body's natural collagen, YourHappy Collagen is a powerful anti-aging solution. This powerful combination of botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics is formulated with 6000 mg of Premium Wild Caught Marine Collagen (Types I & III) from Korean Deep Seas. This marine collagen supplement helps restore and keep skin that is soft, smooth, radiant, well-hydrated, and young, as well as strong hair, nails, muscles, and bones.

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The Takeaway

Peptides of collagen can be extracted from many different sources besides simply cows. However, Marine Collagen Peptides employ only collagen sourced from fish skin and scales. Due to their unique chemical makeup, Marine collagen peptides have several beneficial benefits on human health, skin, bones, and joints.



Is it beneficial to take marine collagen supplements?

Taking a collagen supplement every day has been shown in clinical trials to slow down collagen degradation in the body.

How soon will I see results if I use marine collagen for bone?

Studies have shown a positive effect on patients' knees after about 13 weeks. It takes four to six months to see an improvement when utilizing marine collagen for joint support. After 3 to 6 months, tendons become more flexible.

How does marine collagen's anti-wrinkle superiority work?

Marine collagen is primarily Type I (90%) and Type III (10%). Two significant forms of collagen make up the skin. Therefore, these collagen types are optimal for restoring youthfulness to aged skin and diminishing the visibility of wrinkles.

Which marine collagen is the most powerful?

Most marine collagen is Type I (90%), followed by Type III (10%). Type I and III Premium Wild Caught Marine Collagen from the Korean Deep Seas make up 6000 MG of the collagen powder in YourHappy Collagen Powder.

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