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Article: 10 Reasons To Use Collagen This Winter

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10 Reasons To Use Collagen This Winter

10 Reasons To Use Collagen This Winter

Does the cold weather show that Collagen Supplements work to strengthen skin, hair, and nails? Winter may appear like everything is dying and breaking apart, yet much repair work is done, even if it's not obvious.

Many ancient healing practices view winter as a season of hibernation and preservation. We tend to have less stamina during this season and make better use of it by attending to our physical demands and strengthening our defenses.

Although we normally think of wellness in terms of outer appearance and application, much can and should happen on the inside. Holidays can make us overscheduled, overworked, and shallow. Therefore, it's helpful to focus on the genuine meaning of the winter holidays, regardless of religion. Although avoiding becoming sick in the first place is crucial, the best way to avoid being sick during winter is to boost your immune system. Therefore, it's more likely that spring will bring faster growth.

Consider adding the best collagen to your routine during this season. How can collagen improve your skin, joints, and immune system? Let's learn.

The Reasons Your Skin Suffers in the Winter

Winter may affect your skin due to several external factors:

  • Caffeinated Drinks - Since caffeinated drinks have diuretic effects, drinking more of them in the winter may cause your skin to dry out.

  • Chilly Winter Winds - In chilly winter winds, even in mild climates, the skin can lose moisture to the dryness of winter winds.

  • Hot Shower Or Bath - Every day during the winter, a hot shower or bath is required. Conversely, hot water is more harmful to hair and skin than cold water.

  • Indoor Low-Humidity Environment - It's natural to stay indoors when it's cold. However, being in a low-humidity environment, like that made by heaters, indoor fires, forced air, and other heat sources, dry out your skin, hair, and cuticles.

  • Low Humidity And Cold Air - The skin becomes dry due to the low humidity and cold air of winter. The dry air of winter may wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and nails. In addition, their potential to retain water may be significantly affected.

The following other factors can lead to collagen breakdown:

  • Exercising vigorously or performing the same task repeatedly for an extended period.¬†
  • The use of excessive amounts of sugary foods¬†
  • Continue to smoke.¬†
  • Avoid foods high in collagen and protein.
  • Dependency on the sun's rays

Therefore, collagen in winter is often recommended as an internal defense mechanism against these problems. Internally and externally, one product can enhance your skin's vitality, appearance, and structural integrity.

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The Benefits Of Consuming And Maintaining Collagen

The following advantages of knowing how collagen strengthens your body from the inside out during winter include:

1. Improved Skin Health 

Collagen transforms skin internally. In 2017, scientists investigated if collagen supplements affected the skin's natural collagen levels. The outcomes came up by the end of the six months that collagen supplementation had enhanced collagen production and improved skin structure. In addition, studies done on mice show that adding collagen to the diet changes the color and shine of the hair (or fur).

2. Reduce Wrinkles

A study found that taking collagen supplements daily helped reduce wrinkles within eight weeks. Additionally, another study found that using collagen supplements led to more hydrated skin, younger-looking skin, and a decrease in the appearance of skin fragmentation.

3. Improved Water Absorption Capacity

Collagen aids water retention and food transit in the digestive system. The same study (concluded improved skin health) found improved skin elasticity and collagen levels. In addition, as Tran epidermal water loss was reduced, skin moisture levels increased significantly. Another study involving 20 Japanese women found that hydrolyzed collagen increased the skin's ability to absorb water when applied at a dose of 10 grams per day.

4. More Antioxidant Activity On Skin

Biological processes, the environment, food, UV rays, and other factors all contribute to increased oxidative stress on the skin during the winter. According to a study, collagen improves skin health and boosts antioxidant levels, both of which work to neutralize the aging effects of free radicals.

5. Prevent Hair Loss

Naturally, human hair is composed primarily of protein. Collagen, which consists of chains of amino acids, provides the body with most of its structural components. Collagen supplements contain amino acids like glycine and proline, which promote hair development. It's possible that increasing your body's collagen synthesis is the key to greater hair health and general wellness.

6. Improved Skin Elasticity

Because of the cold and dry air, skin can become sensitive and flaky throughout the winter. In 2014, researchers looked at the connection between collagen supplementation and skin elasticity in a group of 46 women ages 35 to 55. After taking collagen powder for eight weeks, studies indicated a significant increase in skin elasticity after just four weeks.

Improving the skin's elasticity not only makes it feel better but also makes it bounce back faster, reduces sagging, and makes you look younger.

7. Prevent Weak Nails

Roughness and cracking of the cuticles and nails are commonplace in the winter. However, a study found that collagen peptides boosted nail development by 12% and decreased nail breakage by 42%, according to a survey.

8. Enhanced Healing From Wounds

Healthy skin can heal itself. Collagen helps injured skin heal more quickly. In a laboratory study performed in 2009, researchers found that the skin healed faster, tissue regeneration improved, and the skin structure improved.

9. Collagen Improves Skin By Improving Digestion

Even the skin relies on the proper functioning of the human digestive system. The skin benefits from improved dietary absorption when more nutrients are taken in. Fortunately, collagen is beneficial to the digestive system.

When present, Type II Collagen helps fortify the intestinal barrier and is therefore crucial to the health of the digestive tract. This helps with digestion and the immune system.

10. Improved Heart And Gut Health

Once the food is digested and absorbed, the circulatory system carries those nutrients to all body parts, including the skin. As a result, collagen is particularly beneficial to cardiovascular health. More specifically, it contributes to the development of arterial wall tissue. That's why your heart and digestive system need an abundance of collagen.

How Much Is Collagen Dosage Needed Per Day?

As the colder months approach, everyone will focus on preventing cold and flu symptoms such as stuffy noses, itchy throats, and chesty coughs.

Cold weather requires extra care for your hair, skin, and nails. However, a daily intake of 8 to 12 grams of collagen has been demonstrated to improve a range of health indicators, including skin, immunity, cardiovascular health, and digestion. In addition, a quick squeeze will cure your nausea or vomiting.

The Takeaway

Dehydration is more common when it's cold outside. Skin, hair, and nails are more susceptible to drying out in the winter due to the lower relative humidity in the air. This leads to skin dryness, chapping, and cracking. In addition, an absence of collagen level can be seen in thinning hair, a dry scalp, dandruff, and brittle nails.

Collagen can help us during the winter when the cold weather, stress, shopping, and heavy food all harm our health. Collagen is beneficial not only for the skin but also for the digestive system during winter. By maintaining a strong and healthy digestive system, collagen protects us against illness. Collagen also helps with stomach ulcers, internal damage, and IBS. Glutamine is an amino acid that aids in reducing inflammation.

Therefore, include YourHappy Collagen (Advanced), which is the best-formulated Collagen in India, in your winter skincare routine for overall skin health.

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